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Types Of Personal Protective Equipment PPE To Prevent Arc Flash Injury

According the National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health, or NIOSH, at least five to ten arc flash explosions happen each day in the United States alone. Personnel exposed to arc flashes can develop a number of serious injuries, from brain damage, muscle devastation, and even death. Arc flash explosions are very unpredictable occurrences that can happen when people work with electrical equipment. Arc flashes can incinerate skin and skin tissue, causing debilitating and often permanent injuries. It is vital that a person wears personal protection equipment for arc flash injury prevention. PPE stands for personal protective equipment, a crucial addition to every person who tinkers with electrical machinery.

But when exactly does one wear PPE for arc flash injury prevention? When does PPE for arc flash injury prevention become essential for electrical workers? Arc flashes cause thermal burns, especially when temperatures as high as 36,000 degrees Fahrenheit were discovered in arc flash explosions. PPE for arc flash injury prevention can minimize the damage done by arc flashes, and it is very essential for people who are working on particular fields. PPE for arc flash injury prevention is worn in a number of instances. PPE for arc flash injury prevention must be worn by personnel who attempt to check if there is absence of voltage, or whenever there is a load interruption. PPE for arc flash injury prevention must also be worn during visual inspections where one checks if disconnecting devices are open. Another important scenario where PPE for arc flash injury prevention must be worn is when Lockout/Tagout procedures are being performed, for LO/TO procedures usually entail shutting down equipment and making sure that power supplies are turned off.

Always remember the PPE for arc flash injury prevention should only be the last line of defense against arc flash explosions. People should first depend on other procedures to make sure that arc flash explosions dont occur. It is highly recommended that people only work on electric equipment after they have been grounded, tested, and fully de-energized.  A proper safety training program is essential to keep your employees safe while working around electrical dangers.

PPE for arc flash injury prevention usually come in a package that fully protects the person against arc flashes. PPE for arc flash injury prevention consists of hoods, balaclavas, hard hats, goggles, and face shields. A number of PPE for arc flash injury prevention are made to protect the skin of the body. Rubber gloves are included for voltage protection, while others include flame resistant work shirts, t-shirts, sweatshirts, pants, and coveralls. Footwear must also be electrical hazard safe and built with insulating properties. One should remember, however, that these insulating properties diminish when the person starts working when it rains. For people working around electrical equipment during rainy or cold weathers, special types of flame-resistant cold weather gear must be work. When working in the rain, it is vital that all PPE must be high visibility, especially when the rain is thick to prevent road accidents. PPE for arc flash injury prevention is essential for the lives of people who work around electrical equipment. Make sure your personnel are equipped with them!

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