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Lockout Tagout Refresher Training – Why Its Important

Lockout Tagout training, also commonly known as the lock and tag, is a safety procedure that is used in research and industrial settings in order to ensure that hazardous machines are properly shut down and not turned on again before servicing or maintenance work is completed. Lockout Tagout training ensures the safety of workers, requiring dangerous power source to be rendered inoperative and isolated before any sort of procedure is began.

Lockout Tagout training essentially requires the use of a special locking device that secures the power source so that it cannot be turned on. The entire Lockout Tagout procedure also entails that a tag be placed on the locked device to indicate that it shouldn’t be turned on. Minimum requirements are set by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration but employers are more than welcome to develop their own Lockout Tagout training programs in order to come up with measures specific to their needs.

Lockout Tagout training is an important safety procedure so general industry workers who perform servicing or maintenance on equipment or machines and are exposed to unexpected startups, releases of hazardous energy, and energization are required to undergo this kind of training. Employee Lockout Tagout refresher training is not mandatory every year but it is highly, highly recommended that retraining be provided to an employee if the following requirements are met:

* There is a change in job assignments;

* There is a change in equipment, machines, or processes that pose new hazards;

* There is a change in energy control procedures;

* There are periodic inspections that revealed deviations to be present in the energy control procedure; and

* That there is belief on the part of the employer that there are indeed inadequacies in or deviations from the use of energy control procedures or the employee’s knowledge.

Each Lockout Tagout training aims to introduce new and/or revised control procedures and methods as necessary and to re-establish proficiency in employees. All trainings and re-trainings will involve certification and all information will be kept up to date as much as possible.

Lockout Tagout training specifically covers maintenance or servicing work on equipment or machines that use mechanical, electrical, pneumatic, hydraulic, thermal, and chemical energy sources. Maintenance or servicing work is defined as installing, adjusting, constructing, modifying, and inspecting equipment or machines. If employees are subjected to this kind of work then Lockout Tagout training is needed.

Lockout Tagout training offers all parties involved with a blanket of protection since not only employee safety will be ensured but the entire unit as well. Accidents happen but property owners and employers can prevent this as much as possible by providing training to all employees that take part in the operations of the unit. And should owners and employers disregard the safety of their employees and property, the government is still there to ensure that Lockout Tagout training is provided as needed by making the training a requirement. Lockout training is available in different schedules so employers can easily squeeze in training sessions for their employees.

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