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Lockout Tagout Kits – The Right Tool For Safety

What Are Lockout Tagout Kits Used For?

Industrial plants and facilities often deal with sensitive production of certain materials, which is why certain precaution is taken whenever something needs to be shut down for repairs or maintenance. Lockout Tagout kits are employed for such purposes. To promote safety in factories and facilities during certain events, companies ensure that they have Lockout Tagout kits to put in place that will warn people to avoid certain operative machinery at certain times. When considering how significant it is to have a proper lockout/tagout process in place for electrical safety, you will understand that this is an absolute necessity.

What Lockout Tagout Kits Help Prevent

Rendering such machines isolated and inoperative is what Lockout Tagout kits are mainly used for. When Lockout Tagout kits are in place, they serve to warn not just the people who work in industrial facilities but also those who are administering work on machine repair and the like. Imagine somebody who works in a factory accidentally turning on a machine that should have been left alone. Lockout Tagout kits help avoid messy situations such as this, thereby saving the company from having accidents due to lack of warnings.

Kinds of Lockout Tagout Kits

As Lockout Tagout kits are popular devices used in factory safety, their purchase might seem to be easy. But one should take note that Lockout Tagout kits are not all the same. The simplest kind of Lockout Tagout kits are just simple tags attached to certain controls of operative machinery, like panels, buttons, and dials. They are often labeled paper or cardboard attached through strings and are in bright colors to catch immediate attention.

The tags on these simple Lockout Tagout kits would have identification of the person doing the lock and tag, meaning whoever has his name on the tag would be the only one who is allowed to remove it from where it had been placed. There is also a contact number included just in case the person isn’t in the vicinity anymore. If the need arises to turn such machines or equipment on, he needs to be reached to be able to administer removal himself, no matter what time of the day. These tags are also required to be made of material that will visibly show if there has been any tampering done, so as to notify specified personnel of such activities.

For the machines themselves, the Lockout Tagout kits that are used can be the folding scissor-clamp type. They are like cuffs, but have a number of holes where different subcontractors can go and place their own locks for safety. These Lockout Tagout kits are used for more dangerous machines because they cannot be taken off unless every subcontractor is present to allow it so. It is also required that these clamps or locks be installed within sight of serviceable equipment, as their visibility will enable anyone working nearby to see that there is service work going on.

The OSHA or Occupational Safety and Health Administration strictly imposes the administration of Lockout Tagout kits, putting up regulations that should be followed when facilities need to undergo Lockout Tagout.

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