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How To Prevent Accidents With Children And Electricity

There are a lot of things you need to know about kids and electrical safety. Your house is filled with all sorts of electrical appliances that can make your house a hazardous venue for young people. Kids are naturally curious, and one wrong move can lead to an electrocution. When it comes to kids and electrical safety, you have to be firm with setting ground rules. Gather your children and talk to them about the importance of electrical safety. Depending on your appliances at home, make some of them off-limits, teach them how to use them properly, or set rules on how far they can use a particular device. Dealing with kids and electrical safety can be handful, but it is crucial that you take steps to make sure that your kids are safe. Teaching your children a few rules can save their lives and prevent house fires. Here are a couple of things that you need to tell them.

Kids and Electrical Safety Rule #1: Dealing With Electrical Cords

Dealing with electrical cords can be very tricky, and just imagining your children holding one can send shivers down your spine. With a couple of rules, you can rest easy knowing that your kids will be safe. Tell your children not to unplug power cords by holding them by the cord. Tell your children to grab the head part of the plug and gently remove it. If you suspect a damaged electrical cord, dont think twice to replace it right away, and always tell your children to never plug or unplug devices without your permission.

Kids and Electrical Safety Rule #2: Dealing With Water

Water is the most dangerous conductor of electricity that is exactly why your children should be briefed about dealing with water and electrical appliances. Tell your children to always maintain a certain distance from water when they are operating an electrical appliance. Forbid them from touching electrical outlets, appliances, and switches with wet or moist hands. Electric storms are dangerous as well, so prevent them from going outside or swimming.

Kids and Electrical Safety Rule #3: Dealing With Sockets and Electrical Outlets

Some of the most available sources of electricity are electrical outlets and sockets. Prevent your child from placing anything inside electrical outlets, most especially their fingers. If they plan to change their own light bulbs, tell your children to unplug the device first before replacing the light bulb, lest they risk electrocution.

Kids and Electrical Safety Rule #4: Dealing With Electrical Wires

Electrical wires abound outdoors, and it is necessary to teach your children how to behave when around them. Flying kites around electrical wires should be extremely forbidden, for this has caused a lot of deaths in the past. Tell your children to stay away from fallen electrical wires and to never touch anything that the electrical wires are in contact with, neither should they touch people who are touching the electrical wires. Kids have a knack of climbing trees, so tell them to check if the tree has any electrical wires surrounding it. If it has, forbid them to climb the tree.

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