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How Electrical Fires Start

House fires kill thousands and destroy innumerable of homes worldwide on an annual basis. Though most of them are accidental, it can be automatically said that most of these are electrical fires. These electrical fires are the main causes of house fires, and electrical fire safety should always be administered in every household to make sure that no house will be accidentally burned because of faulty electric currents. But what are the causes of an electrical fire?

Three main elements are necessary in creating electrical fires. Namely, these are heat, fuel, and oxygen. The lack of either one of these will not create fire and in the case of electrical fires, the heat component is supplied by the electricity. How is electricity a factor in creating fire? An overloaded extension cord, which is more commonly known as an octopus, is one great example of a source of heat buildup. Extension cords can only generate an ample amount of electricity that is enough for the ready-made sockets on it. Additional extensions can cause it to overheat, causing wear and tear on the wiring system of the extension cord. This wear and tear will damage the cords, and thus cause heating of the wires, which can burn the rubber that acts as the insulator, exposing the wires and then cause electrical fires.

Electronic appliances can also cause similar internal damage that can cause electrical fires. If the internal wiring of any appliance becomes damaged, whether through overuse or because of wear and tear accumulated through time,  overheating might occur. If these appliances become hot enough and if there is an ample amount of airflow, the plastic material making up the appliance can serve as fuel and burst into flame, which can fan out quickly to every piece of furniture in the household and swiftly burn down any home and kill everyone living in it.

As you can see, electrical fires are mostly caused by faulty electrical wiring. This is because electrical arcing only happens when a circuit is broken, and continues to flow. This so-called arcing occurs if there is high voltage present to the point that the electric current forces itself to continue flowing. This will make the strong electric current shoot out through the air and create an arc of electricity. This exposed electrical current will be the main reason for electrical fires.

However, electrical fires can be easily prevented. Additional care on your part regarding your appliances can instantly solve all these problems. By turning off switches and unplugging appliances when not in use can help reduce the wear and tear on your wiring so they will not overheat. Saving on electricity consumption not only saves energy, but it also saves your house from being gobbled up by flames. Turn down your electric consumption to create a home that is safe from any form of house fire. It is also a good idea to have your home checked regularly for any fire hazards. Overall, electrical fires may be lethal, but a simple act to prevent it from happening is enough to keep your home safe.

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