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First Aid And Electrical Burns

Most people think that electrical burns can be found at the entry points of electricity when it courses through the body. However, contrary to popular belief, electrical burns can also occur at other parts of the body aside from the entry points of electricity. In fact, an electrical burn can occur internally, as well as on different parts of the skin because it can be where the electric current went out of. Electrical burns can be lethal, since people who go through it can experience heart failure as well as shock after the electrical  burn, which is why knowing how to do first aid for electrical burns is crucial. Before proceeding though, it is a good idea to know that there are two kinds of electrical burns, and two different approaches on how to deal with them both.

You can start applying first aid for electrical burns by rinsing the areas affected by the burns with water. These electrical burns are the ones that show on the skin, and these areas are the entry and exit points of the electric current from the body. After washing, make sure that the burned area is covered with dry and sterilized gauze or any form of dressing.

It is important to know that changing the dressing on a daily basis is an important aspect of first aid for electrical burns until the wounds are completely healed. Changing it when it becomes moist is also important, since keeping it dry will reduce the chances of infection. If there are any additional injuries that occurred that resulted from the electrical burn, do seek external medical assistance as soon as you can. these might be minor electrical burns, but they might have inflicted more serious internal injuries like a blow to the head or some bones breaking. Do consider these things carefully.

Severe electrical burns occur when the electricity has caused internal burns along with skin burning. Before you start the first aid for electrical burns, do remember to  turn off the power source. Use a non-conductive material to pull out the electrical source such as using a wooden broomstick in unplugging a live wire from a socket. Under any circumstances, do not touch the electrocuted victim immediately because you might get electrocuted or burned as well. Call help at once to assist you.

From here on end, you cannot do anything except monitor the vital signs of the victim. Do this by checking the breathing patterns as well as the pulse. If none of the above is present, try to recuperate the breathing of the victim by performing CPR. You can prevent shock by positioning the head lower than the torso and the torso lower than the legs. If conscious, keep the victim calm and keep him/her awake by constantly talking to him/her. Reassuring words will definitely help.

In the end, first aid for electrical burns will work successfully if you are calm and composed. You might not be able to apply these things well if you panic, so the best thing to do is to breathe deep, and try to remember the things above to ensure that the life of the victim will truly be saved.

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