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Electrical Burns And How To Prevent Them

Now that electrical fires and burns have led to 4,000 injuries and deaths every year, more people are realizing the importance of preventing electrical burns. Since the human body also acts as an excellent conductor of electricity, you have to prevent electrical accidents before it hurts you or your family. Here are some of the most effective ways to reduce the risks of becoming a victim of electrocution threats around your home.

Inspect electrical outlets and switches

According to statistics, faulty electrical outlets and wall switches have already caused thousands of injuries and household fires. Look for sparking, hot, or smoking switches around your house. Ask a certified electrician to inspect them as soon as possible. Use socket covers to prevent your children from inserting foreign objects to your electrical outlets. Preventing electrical burns will also be easier once you have told your children why playing with wall switches and electrical outlets in not really a good idea.

If you are in need of additional power strips, you have to make sure that they are equipped with surge protectors. Evaluate the electrical outlets in your home and check if they can simultaneously supply power to multiple appliances. If you are constantly experiencing blown fuses, you should start connecting fewer power strips to your outlets because they may be overloaded.

Check extension cords

Extension cords are very handy tools that can increase the convenience in your home. However, they are also the leading cause of electrical burns and other injuries related to faulty electrical wires. When it comes to preventing electrical burns, you have to make sure that your children or pets are not chewing on your extension cords. In fact, even intact extension cords can lead to electrocution whenever they are not handled carefully.

To decrease the risks related to extension cords, you have to keep them out of reach of your pets and children. Buy cords with OSHA or UL labels because they have been subjected to rigorous tests to make sure that they were made according to important safety standards. Keep extension cords in excellent condition by regularly inspecting them, replacing frayed cords, and using them only when it is necessary.

Buy a Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter (GFCI)

You can use a GFCI for electrical devices that have increase risks of coming into contact with metal or water. Preventing electrical burns requires the need to install a GFCI to all the appliances in your kitchen or bathroom. If ever water comes into contact with their circuits, the GFCI will automatically prevent electrocution or electrical shocks by cutting off the supply of power from the circuit.

Careful handling of electric appliances is also crucial to preventing electrocution and other electrical injuries. Always remember that the simple act of touching your hair dryer with wet hands can cause a very powerful electric shock. Replace appliances with frayed wires and never attempt to fix them on your own even if their damage seems simple.

These are only some of the most effective ways to reduce the risk of electrocution and other accidents caused by electrical hazards in your home. Preventing electrical burns is easy as long as you are willing to protect your family from electrical fire or other safety hazards.

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