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Cords, Plugs, And Electrical Fires

In many urban settings, electrical and faulty wiring are the leading cause of building fires. Cords, plugs and electrical fires are the result of a power source being overpowered or overloaded. Overloaded extension cords and outlets usually result to bursting the circuitry because the amount of electric current travelling though the outlet is not regulated.

AVR Provides Fire Security

One of the best ways to prevent an overblown outlet is to install an automatic voltage regulator, or AVR. The AVR regulates the amount of electricity passing through your houses appliances that come from outlets. It is alright to use extension cords AS LONG AS people follow the amount of electricity passing through these extension cords. You can connect your computers and appliance to an AVR. Once they are connected to the AVR, your appliances are protected from power fluctuations. In case of a power surge, the AVR will be the one affected and not your appliances. It acts as a shield to your appliances and computers. It has an automatic circuit breaker inside it that prevents a fire from escalating if ever it blows up. AVR is the best option in preventing cords, plugs and electrical fires.

Using Energy-Efficient Lights

During Christmas season, there are many incidences of cords, plugs, and electrical fires that happen in the metro. One main reason for this is that people overpower their extension cords by attaching multiple appliances and electrical gadgets in one power source, i.e., extension cords. Extension cords are not built to withstand great amounts of electric current that surges through its wires. When a person connects these cords to hundreds of Christmas lights, the tendency is that electric currents in the copper wires inside a cord will overpower the loading capacity of the cord and heat up. Once the heat reaches ignition point, a fire starts, sped up by the surging amount of electricity in the wires. LED lights consume much less electricity than traditional Christmas lighting, which is why they are the safest types of Christmas lights to use.

Preventing Accidental Tripping

Movement and frequent contact with other physical object may disturb the wiring and cause cords, plugs and electrical fires. The international standard for preventing these from happening is to use round wires, which are more resistant to overloading than flat wires. Round wires have more loading capacity than flat wires. Moreover, international standard require offices and homes to protect the wires inside a cased plastic wrap. If this is not possible, arrange the wires so that they will traverse a line passing along the corner walls of your house. Apply electrical tape to hold them intact. NEVER use masking tape or plastic tape.

2 Minutes to Escape

Cords, plugs, and electrical fires are one of the fastest spreading fires. Once they start, you have only 2 minutes to get out of the building. In most cases, it is not the fire that kills people, but the smoke that it produces. SMOKE IS MORE DANGEROUS than fire, any fireman will tell you this. Dead people found in buildings die more from suffocation from smoke than burns. Installing smoke detectors, fire hydrants, and if possible, sprinklers in your building and home are International standards in fire prevention.

When you detect smoke and fire, the first thing you have to preserve is children, old people, and yourself. Get out of the building, call the fire department, and never enter the burning building. Of course, if the fire is manageable, try to fight it with a fire extinguisher or wet cloth.

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