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Clothing That Will Help Protect You From Arc Flash Injury

Arc Flash Clothing

Arc flash clothing are suits designed to protect employees in the event of an arc flash accident that may cause harmful effects to the body. Employees who are working under serious and critical environments and conditions may get injuries at work as well as illnesses caused by the exposure to particular harmful substances and other work hazards. In particular we are going to discuss arc flash incidents, accidents, injuries, and the clothing used to protect workers. The main reason why these employees are required to put on arc flash clothing is that they tend to suffer from injuries and illnesses that may be brought about by direct contact with chemical, radiological, electrical and mechanical hazards. Arc flash clothing can be in the form of aprons, coveralls, footwear, gloves, vests, pants, hoods and leggings. These items are often referred to as personal protective equipment or PPE. One of the most important aspects of electrical safety, at least from a work or occupational perspective, is arc flashes and how to protect employees and how to prevent them.

The importance of arc flash clothing is something that should be taken seriously. Wearing arc flash clothing in critical working environment is important as it reduces the exposure of human workers to harmful and dangerous arc flash accidental discharges. See, cotton clothing is highly flammable and they can easily burn, causing damage to the wearer. But with arc flash clothing, the wearer gets optimum protection from arc flash incidents.

These days, employees working in dangerous industrial environments where electric arc flash are likely to occur are now required by the NFPA 70E to wear arc flash clothing that meets the standard ASTM F1506 requirements. The Occupational Safety and Health Administration also known as OSHA has further recommendations and guidelines on arc flashes and how to protect workers from injury or accident.

Generally, the materials used in arc flash clothing are tough and sturdy, which is the reason why it can resist pressure, heat, and shocks. It provides varying levels of protection depending on the need of the wearer. The suit’s extent of coverage is highly important. The materials used in the manufacture of the arc flash clothing is also important as it would protect the wearer against abrasions, radiation, fire, and blasts.

Also, some types of arc flash clothing has been developed and designed to provide an effective barrier against heat and flame, thus, decreasing the amount and intensity of injuries from flame, radiation, and blasts. The arc flash clothing also keeps the wearer protected within a given time frame after being exposed to give him or her enough leeway to find a way to escape in case the worst accident. This is especially helpful if there is a potential for a blast or fire to follow.

Arc flash clothing could definitely increase the chances of the employee surviving and getting out of the place unscathed. Arc flash clothing also reduces the need for medical treatments and increases the chances of survival. It also helps reduce the tendency of having infections and unseen adverse effects. Thus, it can greatly help in preserving the life of employees and may also reduce the cost of damages that the company should cover and pay for.

Ultimately, employees that are working in an electric environment should definitely wear arc flash clothing as they are the ones who are mostly exposed to these dangerous events. Aside from wearing arc flash clothing, employees must also be provided with the proper work safety training, including proper usage of equipment. They must also be trained about the measures that they should do in case they are faced with an upcoming disaster. Finally, arc flash clothing should be provided to all affected employees to ensure their ongoing safety and well being while at work.