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Arc Flash Video

An arc flash is a short circuit that could happen to any electrical system, and could cause real and lethal damages. It is important to be prepared for the occurrence of an arc flash, and you could do so through an arc flash video. An arc flash video is an actual footage of an arc flash occurrence, wherein a short circuit through air causes a flash from an exposed conductor to another live conductor, or directly to the ground. This is a hot topic in the industry because it presents real danger and damages to your personnel and to your business. To avoid these setbacks, you could definitely benefit from an arc flash video by learning from it.

Knowing what causes an arc flash from an arc flash video

If you view an arc flash video, you can see that there are several ways that can lead to this occurrence. One is to come close to a high amp source with an object that can conduct electricity, thus allowing for a possibility for a flash over. You can also see an arc flash video wherein some dropped tools can cause an arc flash. It’s because this tool could create a spark that could lead to a deadly flash over.

You can also see in an arc flash video that using substandard parts and equipments, as well as improper installation could actually lead to an arc flash. It is also important to repair and replace machine parts accordingly, because even normal wear and tear could produce such a flash. Also, you shouldn’t skimp on materials, because you can also see from an arc flash video that a small break or gap in insulation could already lead into something so deadly. If you watch an arc flash video, you’d also learn to keep your workplace clean, because even dust and other impurities found on the surface of a conductor could already lead into a sudden flash of electricity.

Learning from arc flash video: what you don’t know

Before, when someone gets electrocuted and suffers burns on different parts of the body, it was previously thought that the electrical shock that passed through the body has caused the burns. But by viewing and reviewing arc flash video, you’d see that most burns from such accidents are really caused by arc flash. In terms of occurrence, around five to 10 explosions caused by arc flashes occur in the country every day, and these results to a couple of deaths per day. So if you want to know how to avoid or how to prepare for these occurrences, you should learn from an arc flash video.

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