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Using Safety Videos To Train Lockout Tagout

Lockout tagout training videos are necessary to educate workers in operating lockout tagout devices, also known as lockout/tagout. Lockout tagout is a key training requirement of the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA). These regulations were formulated to create a safe working environment and to help prevent on the job injuries. Lockout tagout training videos assist people in using the lockout tagout device so maintenance and repair jobs are safer to perform. If lockout tagout devices are not properly operated, there is a chance that the equipment will be energized accidentally. This will potentially inflict injury on workers and could even take away lives. Using lockout tagout training videos as part of familiarizing workers in a factory or laboratory will decrease the chances of accident, as well as fill the training requirements imposed by OSHA.

Is it still difficult to understand the concept of lockout tagout? Well, it’s really simple. The energy source of machines are neutralized by the lockout tagout device to cut off power. This is done by the lock and tag. The locks will prevent the reactivation of energy while the tags will indicate that the machine should not be powered. This information is part of the lockout tagout training videos. Even simple repair situations like fixing circuits and maintenance procedures like oiling engines require the use of a lockout tagout device. In lockout tagout training videos, the viewers will be familiarized with the different forms of lockout devices. They can come in wedges, chains, valves, padlocks, key blocks, and pins. Meanwhile, the tagout devices merely provide information that the machines cannot be operated because of maintenance and repair. They shouldn’t be taken for granted because some machines cannot be physically locked out. Tagout devices are needed to make the machines unavailability visible. Both devices need to be present while the machine cannot function normally. They must be strong and cannot be easily detached from the machine.

Lockout tagout training videos should be shown to people handling the machine. Only authorized people can tinker with the machine and as a part of their training, they should watch lockout tagout training videos to educate them purpose of using such devices. Proper training of employees with the use of the lockout tagout kit will ensure that the workers are in compliance to its procedure and usage.

In the lockout tagout training videos, the workers will learn the various terminologies associated with it and preparations needed for the lockout procedure. They will also learn how to release the stored energy with caution. Finally, the video will teach the workers how to test the equipment properly and restart it safely.

It would be best for workers to operate the lockout tagout device as shown in lockout tagout training videos, but in a simulated environment. Afterwards, they should go through a comprehensive exam to evaluate their readiness in using such devices. Upon the end of the training, the workers should be able to:

1) Identify the purposes of the lockout tagout device;

2) Enumerate the requirements of the procedure; and

3) Identify the steps in executing the procedure.

Lockout tagout training videos will orient the workers with these objectives and more. By the end of the training, the workers must also realize its worth in preserving lives, preventing injuries, and maintaining OSHA compliance.

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