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Children And Electrical Safety

Teaching kids about different safety precautions is quite a necessity, especially since kids are naturally curious. Fire safety, earthquake safety, and bathroom safety are just some of the few safety measures that kids will need to learn. Children and electrical safety is one requirement that is often forgotten, since it is often thought of that since a house will never have exposed wires, safety for children regarding electricity can be overlooked. Think again.

One of the many important tips on safety that parents need to remember in terms of children and electrical safety is that the curiosity of children will make them stick random things into sockets. Small children below four years of age are more prone to do this, so if you have one, electrical outlet covers are quite necessary in a household. These are small accessories that can be plugged into the sockets so that they will not be accessible to any children. If the child have reached the age of reason, you can simply explain to them that doing so can really hurt them, as well as start a fire.

Aside from electrical sockets, children and electrical safety should be addressed by educating your children about not inserting any foreign objects into appliances, which is also one of the main causes of electrocution. In addition to this, children should not attempt to fix or disassemble electronic appliances, because no matter how it looks simple and easy to mend, these appliances will have certain complicated parts that cannot be fixed by a child alone. These parts can be short circuited if tinkered with, which can cause electrocutions or even unwanted fires. Education is the best help for children that you can give them. In relation to education, kids should be taught to automatically tell an adult if they notice any funny smells or see sparks from appliances, especially from those that are plugged in most of the time such as refrigerators or television sets.

Children and electrical safety in the bathroom is also a big issue, since there is an abundance of electric contraptions located inside the bathroom. The hairdryer, for one, is constantly plugged in and is usually located in the bathroom. The shaver is another electric appliance regularly seen in the bathroom. Children and electrical safety issues can be solved by educating kids to simply stay away from these appliances, to promulgate safety for kids.

Children and electrical safety issues should not only be limited to those that occur inside the house but also outside it. Children should be instructed that any body of water, whether a pond or a mud puddle, should not be near any electrical object. Additionally, they should not attempt to climb telephone poles, electrical towers, or anything that has power lines attached to it, since they are considered as live wires, and do carry a huge amount of electromagnetic waves that can compromise children and electrical safety for all.

Electrical storms are also a big issue when it comes to children and electrical safety. These electrical storms carry the dangers of lightning and thunder. Though the lightning may not be visible often, these can normally cause trouble for children and electrical safety. When outside, children should look for shelter so that they will not get hit by any stray lightning bolts. Inside the home, they should continue to stay indoors until the storm has passed. The curious nature of children is responsible for certain accidents that occur during lightning storms that involve children.

It is true that many take electricity for granted, since it is readily available and easily contained in a socket. However, it should always be noted that electricity can kill, so education is of the essence when it comes to children and electrical safety.

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